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Direct Sales traction

We have an extensive network in the gastronomy and beverage industry that enables us to ensure direct traction on various sales channels. Through our partners, we can quickly open the necessary doors to position your brand in the market the right way. Access to exclusive and closed communities further helps your brand to establish itself in the premium segment.

Priority listing with key distributors in the beverage market.

B2B2C through third parties (hotels, stores, venues and eCommerce).

Access to exclusive and closed communities.



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Becoming a market leader with the help of TLK

Our goal is to increase your brand's awareness and sales through carefully crafted marketing measures that engage your target audience and increase visibility. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of influencer marketing, traditional media placements, and innovative combinations of sponsoring, content marketing, and below-the-line measures. From mapping the customer journey to executing a proper marketing plan, we offer an end-to-end solution.

360° customer journey mapping

Media planning

Events (tastings, branded networking...)

Content marketing & sponsoring



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Knowledge as the key to success

In order to give your brand the recognition it deserves, we strive to convey knowledge to the appropriate decision key players. Origin, production, characteristics, and tradition are important aspects that need to be highlighted. Our approach is to thoroughly understand every aspect of your brand in order to properly promote its reputation to the desired target market.





The TLK ExperiEnce

We create a significant added value with the TLK Experience - for both consumers and premium spirits brands. We provide consumers with access to exclusive premium spirits brands, share knowledge, and introduce them to new trends in the beverage world. On the other hand we offer brands, through the exclusive representation by TLK, the opoortunity for a low boundry, lean and sustainable market entry with long lasting growth potential. And as a all in one solution provider and trusted competence center in this area, we ensure that direct traction with absolute foucus on brand safety. A win-win-win for all parties involved!


Exclusive access to premium spirit brands that are not widely available

Deeper knowledge about the fascinating origin and history of our premium spirits

First-hand introduction to the latest trends in the beverage industry


Accelerated market entry through our extensive distribution network

Holistic 360° go to market service driven by marketing initiatives taylored to your brand identity

Access to exclusive and closed communities and events


Being the exclusive and trusted partner for premium brands searching for an accalerated but sustainable market entry with specific focus on brand safety

Establishment as an exclusive and renowned provider of premium spirits brands in Switzerland

The right answer for every question.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

What is the cost of our services?

The services of TLK are not bound to any initial costs, we however work on an exclusive base as a representation partner. As our service goes way beyond only being a traditional sales partner we intend to build long lasting relationships with our brands.

how do i become partner of tlk?

We are always interested in expanding our network with new partners. Please contact us at info@tlk360.com and we will get back to you promptly.

Does tlk exclusively market spirits?

Yes, TLK primarily markets premium spirits. However, it is not excluded that in the future we may add further premium products from other markets in order to meaningfully expand our range.

Does TLK only have the products listed on its website?

We have an excellent network and if you encounter difficulties in purchasing certain products (beverages), we can support you at any time. Through our partners, we have access to an extended range of over 2000 different beverages. We can provide you with a non-binding offer if you want to compare prices with your existing suppliers.

why should i work with TLK?

Our aim is not only to sell a product, but to fully market it with a 360° approach. We take care of the best possible go-to-market strategy, so that you and your product enjoy the best possible positioning and can celebrate sustainable success.

What are the requirements for a collaboration?

We are primarily interested in products in the premium segment - products that can be marketed in this segment and where we have the freedom to target the desired audience. Our partners are informed about your product in advance and we conduct comprehensive testings with them. If successful, we do everything possible to establish your product in the market as quickly as possible.