We are a young, agile and dynamic company that has made a name for itself in the premium spirits market. Our mission is to establish premium beverage brands in their target market through a holistic sales and marketing approach and by setting new trends in the industry. With our extensive marketing and sales expertise and our exceptional network in the hospitality and luxury sector, we manage to get your brand fast access to the right plattforms and the spotlight it needs to gain accelerated traction in its respective target market.

Partner - Sales


Serial entrepreneur in the healthcare, fashion, and media industries

B2B sales expert

Extensive experience in importing and exporting goods

Partner - Marketing


Angel Investor in multiple start-up companies

Marketing and event management expert

Extensive network in the hospitality industry in Switzerland and abroad

Partner - Operations


Several management positions in marketing and sales

Expert in media and communication

Specialist in project management with a strong media industry focus

Our Partners

At TLK, we have built a first-class, long-standing network of partners who play a critical role in our success. This includes high-reach distribution partners, a wide personal network of key decision makers, and a plethora of gastronomy and marketing partners. Our network provides everything necessary for the successful establishment of a premium brand, and we carefully select partners who share our ambitions and uphold the same quality standards as we do.

Getränke Morelli

The foundation for the Italian/Swiss family business "Michelangelo Morelli AG" was laid in the 1970s. Together with his wife Maria and later his daughters, Michelangelo passionately built an independent beverage supplier. The family team of about 20 people manages a beverage assortment of around 1,500 items. Over 1,000,000 bottles are stored at the headquarters in Schlieren, and 14 Morelli delivery vans serve customers (hospitality, office, and private) in the greater Zurich area.

Zweifel weine & Getränke

Zweifel Weine & Getränke AG is a traditional Swiss company that was founded in 1898. With a focus on premium beverages, the company has built strong relationships with relevant venues across Switzerland, including iconic hotels, trendy bars and clubs, prestigious catering companies, and private businesses. As a long-standing and trusted supplier, Zweifel Weine & Getränke AG is known for supplying high-quality products on a large scale.
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Consejo regulador del tequila

The Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), A. C., is an inter professional organization comprising all actors and producers, associated with the Tequila production. The aim of the CRT is to promote the culture and quality of this beverage that has gained an important place among the national identity symbols.
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Anker Spirits

Anker Amsterdam Spirits was founded in 1990 and has become one of the largest independent wholesale distributors of spirits in the Netherlands. With a wide range of domestic and international spirits, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages, Anker Amsterdam Spirits caters to liquor stores, nightclubs, online platforms, and supermarkets, as well as (catering) wholesalers.
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In Macau, we rely on established partners who have networks in the beverage industry as well as other industries. With direct access to casinos and our own event platform, we are building the necessary infrastructure to establish ourselves in the Asian market. At the same time, our partners are committed to identifying new trends and working with us to bring them to Europe / Switzerland.
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Singapore is often compared to as the "Switzerland" in the asian region. Therefore, it is important for us to rely on our strongly networked partners there as well. In Singapore, our partnership focuses primarily on discovering trends and bringing them to Europe. Our goal with this collaboration is to deliver Swiss drinks to Singapore while also bringing trends from Asia to Europe and sucessfully market them here.
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Not needed yet!
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